Carpet Cleaning in Matthews, NC

Get rid of carpet pet stains today

Have there been a few too many puppy accidents on your carpet? Does your cat seem to think your floors are its personal scratching post? If your pets have caused damaged to your carpet don’t worry. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on new carpet to make your floors look good again.

The flooring pros at Floorworks Charlotte, LLC can clean and patch them up seamlessly. Call 704-493-5735 today to learn about the carpet cleaning and repair services we offer in the Matthews, North Carolina area.

3 things you can trust our carpet cleaning company to handle

3 things you can trust our carpet cleaning company to handle

Don’t worry about carpet damage ever again. Let the crew at Floorworks Charlotte fix carpet issues like:

  1. Pet damage – you love your pets, but you probably don’t love the stains and fur they leave on your carpet. Get rid of stains ASAP with a little help from Floorworks Charlotte.
  2. Wear and tear – if you’ve had your carpets for years, they probably don’t look as nice as they used to. Let our carpeting experts spruce them up for you.
  3. Buckling – if you ignore the bulges and wrinkles in your carpets, they may never lie flat again. Let the pros at Floorworks Charlotte smooth them out for you.

Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with our carpet cleaning pros ASAP.